Smallpox vaccine

Sexual health services across Greater Manchester have received a small supply of a smallpox vaccine. This vaccine can be used to protect people from the monkeypox virus. There is a limited supply of the vaccine available so, initially, one dose is being offered to those at highest risk by sexual health clinics they are known to.

As more vaccine supplies become available, more people will be offered the first dose of the vaccine. We ask patients not to contact the Practice or Sexual health clinics regarding vaccination, as the clinics will be in contact with patients to offer the vaccine as supplies become available.

Patients can find out more about why they might have to wait here: Why do I have to wait for my smallpox (MVA) vaccination ( There are currently no plans to offer the vaccine at GP Practices via primary care. Information for patients about the vaccine and who is eligible can be found here : Monkeypox vaccination resources – GOV.UK (