Green practice

The World Health Organisation has identified global warming as the largest threat to public health in the 21st century.

As a practice we think how we could become more environmentally friendly and lower our carbon footprint.

  • We decided not to fit air conditioning. Instead we have solar breeze foils (see picture) to shade our south facing windows to prevent direct solar gain. It really does work!
  • We’ve added 200mm insulation in the roof space
  • We have a special solar panel that warms cold air in winter, pumping it into the building. This reduces moisture and damp in the building. This in turn reduces our gas heating bills, as it requires much less energy to heat dry air.
  • Some of us cycle or use public transport instead or driving to work.
  • We actively collect non-confidential waste for recycling.

Date published: 21st November, 2022
Date last updated: 21st November, 2022